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LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ may face mental health challenges and distress throughout their lives, just like anyone else. However, extensive evidence from around the

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What Is Collective Trauma?

Collective trauma is the psychological and emotional harm resulting from a group’s shared experience of a traumatic event. It may involve a small group, like

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traumatic grief

What Is Traumatic Grief?

Losing a loved one is always difficult; however, over time, the emotional distress associated with grief will usually lessen. While traumatic grief has similar characteristics

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Mental Health

Nutrition and the Brain

The brain is an incredibly powerful organ. It’s constantly working to ensure our body functions well, it alerts us to any threats, such as pain

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managing triggers
Mental Health

Managing Triggers: Part II

Trauma affects people in multiple ways. One such way is the development of triggers, in which a previously unthreatening sound, song, or situation suddenly becomes

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