Two Ways To Stop Feeling Inadequate

Trauma can cause us to develop a new set of insecurities and a new sense of inadequacy unlike any we have had before. We don’t feel like we belong to “everyone else” anymore because we have been through something which makes us feel distinctly different. Inadequacy is a matter of perspective and changing our perspective is just a matter of practice.

  1. Realize there are things you are meant to do, and things you are not meant to do. It is possible that all you have ever wanted is to run a marathon. You admire runners. You dream about running. Yet try as you may, your body cannot adjust to running. Your knees aren’t made for running, you have shin splints, or there may be some other kind of obstacle which inhibits your body from being a running body. Does this mean you are inadequate as a runner? In some ways, technically, that is what it means. Technically speaking, you do not have the adequate physical characteristics required for running a marathon. However, that does not mean you are an inadequate person. Inadequacy can be a matter of perspective. When we take on the perspective of inadequacy beyond its necessity, we take on a toxic perspective. Simply put, there are some things in life we are meant to do and some things we are not meant to do. Our bodies, our minds, our talents, and our abilities are all remarkably unique. Where we may “fall short” others may succeed. Likewise, where others may believe they are inadequate, we will find our strengths and capabilities.
  2. Create a list of positive affirmations. In the modern digital age of selfies, it is hard to believe that we are a people who find it difficult to think positively about ourselves. Social media and pictures we take of ourselves are often a coverup for the deep insecurities and inadequacies we feel about ourselves. Society does a better job of encouraging our self-consciousness more than our self-confidence, which is why positive affirmations can help us take matters into our own hands. Make a list of positive attributes you believe yourself to have, you want to believe you have, and the positive attributes you want to work toward having. Tape the list to a mirror at eye level. Each day, read the positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself in the mirror. You’ll find that in a few short weeks or months, you start believing every single word.

Your life will change. Your perceptions will change. Everything is going to change for the better in recovery. Trauma is most often the root cause of many emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders. Until you can heal your trauma, you will find great difficulty finding the healing you need to live a life of recovery, health, and wellness. At Khiron House, we provide effective residential treatment and cutting edge therapies which seek to transform mind, body, and spirit from the effects of trauma. Call us today for information. UK: 020 3811 2575 (24 hours) USA: (866) 801 6184 (24 hours).