Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation and Shame: Treating the Seeds and the Cycle of Self-Destructive Behaviors

By Lisa Ferentz

Feedback from this event:

“Just the most wonderful workshop. Lisa is engaging, warm and I love the fact that she’s so creative. The slides were perfect. I feel I’ve learnt so much for my clients but also lots about myself. Everything has been simple, effective and fun. Can’t wait to go back and work with my clients.”

“It was a really wonderful experience to work with Lisa these past 2 days. I have gained both professionally and personally.”

“Wonderful workshop, full of useful and enlightened information.”

“Lisa is an accomplished speaker, coming from a deep place of warmth and humanity. Please bring her back as often as you can.”

“I found Lisa to be very, clear and interesting – I like her humor.”

“Brilliant venue. Delivery clear and interesting. Very interactive. Practical solutions. Thanks.”

“Really useful and informative, well presented, energetic and engaging.”

“An excellent workshop with insightful practical interventions and strategies.”

“Thank you so much for organising these workshops. Maybe you could find ways of bringing this kind of training into training institutions within the UK. Lisa taught with great variety, passion and knowledge – what a great combination! On top of that, she is so engaging, friendly and funny!”

“Fantastic – inspiring and exciting, can’t wait to take what I have learned into client work.”

“This has been an amazing learning experience for me. It helped me make sense of many things I have been thinking about and trying to do in my work. It has given me a framework to explain it to my clinical supervisor.”

“It was outstanding. Thank you Lisa, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from you.”

“Really excellent and informative workshop.”

“This has been the most informative training I have ever been on. Lisa engages you and allows you to fit comfortably into her world. My clients and I will greatly benefit from the 2 days.”