Will The Change In Weather Trigger My Trauma?

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. We know that the seasons come, the weather changes, and our mood sometimes changes with them. Yet, year after year, we can find ourselves surprised by just how greatly we are affected. Changing from summer to winter is difficult as we start running short of daylight hours. Transitioning from the heat to the cold can take a toll on our body. Adjusting to the dark, gloomy, cold, rainy, snowing season of winter can be a challenge as well. With less daylight and adverse weather conditions, we are pressed to find a way to thrive. Even when winter finally turns back into spring, we may have become so adjusted to the winter that the sunshine and growing warmth feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Then once we welcome the sunshine back into our lives, the summer returns once again, with unbearable heat, hot sticky nights, and a desire for everything to cool off again.

We humans are fickle creatures, fragile and sensitive to changing conditions. Struggling to cope with the changing of the seasons seems innocent enough. However if we are living with trauma in our lives, then we may experience something more than having to adjust to new weather patterns.

Trauma is like a storm. Perhaps more succinct, trauma is like a natural disaster, a cluster of extreme weather conditions spontaneously erupting and taking their worst possible toll on our mind, our body, our spirit, and everything we know about our lives. Surviving trauma is not only like surviving a tornado which goes ripping through our lives, but living with the threat of a tornado and the feeling that a tornado is already taking place concurrently. Adjusting to any kind of change when we are living with trauma can be a triggering experience. In an effort to cope with the inexplicable upset of trauma, we try to create as much normalcy as possible. Of course, the changing of the seasons is normal. For us who have survived trauma, however, any small change to what we allow ourselves to hold onto as normal can seem like a threat to our sense of reality overall- even a drop in temperature, a change in weather, and a call for new decorations at home.

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