Will I Stop Feeling Hopeless?

We all have moments of hopelessness time and again. If we have lived through traumatic events in our lives, our propensity toward hopelessness is greater than others. Trauma has a tendency to rob us of our ability to have hope. Before a traumatic event occurs in our life, we might have high hopes for ourselves, our future, others, their futures, and the state of the world. Hope might be an integral part of our faith, religion, or spiritual practices which give us guidance in our lives. Trauma, however, interrupts everything which feels normal in our lives. We may or may not experience our trauma in a big way, meaning, the effects of our trauma may not be overwhelming or obvious. Regardless, we are affected, and our view of the world is greatly affected as a result. Hope, our treasured outlook on life, is many times broken by trauma, which leads to a devastating loss. Losing hope and any sense of hope for a brighter, better world, is a dark, lonely, scary, and sad place to be. Until our trauma, we didn’t know that our personal world could get quite so hopeless. For too many, living in hopelessness lasts for a long time. Feelings of hopelessness can persist, leading to depression, anxiety, and more.

Hopelessness Can Be Transformed

As much as hopelessness might be a part of trauma and living with the manifestations of trauma, finding hope, restoring hope, and becoming more hopeful is part of recovery from trauma. Through treatment, therapy, and our ongoing recovery, hope becomes part of our lives once more. Each moment we find healing, we find a little more hope in ourselves and in the world around us. We realize that our traumatic experiences, no matter how terrible, don’t place the rest of our lives in a vacuum. Trauma recovery takes our life from a dull greyscale into full color, transforming our perceptions from limited to unlimited, absolute to infinity.

How Can I Start Finding Hope Today?

The very prospect of healing from trauma should inspire hope. When your mental and physical health have been deeply affected by trauma it can be hard to hold onto hope for a long time until you find healing. Not every area of your life is hopeless. Look for hope where you find it most, even if it is external to you. Watch happy videos. Surround yourself with happy colors. Read inspiring stories of hope. All hope and all possibility is yours in recovery. A better life is waiting.

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