Will I Ever Be Stronger Than I Feel Right Now?

You’re at perhaps one of the worst cross roads of your life. To say the least, you feel defeated. You might be feeling broken, wounded, struggling, hurting. Worse, you might be feeling like a failure, a loser, or some other awfully negative stereotype that society has cast on you for having difficulties in life. If you’ve suffered trauma in your life, this is normal. If you’ve suffered trauma in your life if you’ve never sought therapeutic treatment, this is normal. If you’ve suffered trauma in your life and you have sought therapeutic treatment, but you haven’t found a program which has helped you heal completely, this is normal. Trauma is pain. Trauma is deep, unmanageable, devastating pain. Until we completely heal our trauma, we cannot completely heal the pain which results from our trauma. Ongoing, we are completely affected by our trauma which influences what we do, how we do it, and how we feel. Reaching a “bottom” point in our lives over and over again is extremely common when we are operating at a deficit. Simply put, trauma creates a void in our life which affects how we live our life. Once we learn how to heal and fill that void, life becomes much more functional.

You will be stronger than you feel right now. Each day that you work on your trauma through therapy, treatment, and recovery, you will become stronger. With each tear you shed, each painful memory you walk through, each traumatic memory you reprogram, each moment of healing you bring to your body, mind, and spirit, you will grow stronger. Trauma is only as strong as we allow it to be. When we live our life without recovery from trauma, we allow trauma to have all of the power over our life.

Finding Strength In Surrender

Holding on to whatever we have to keep it together one day longer isn’t a sign of strength, though it certainly takes strength to keep going. There’s a spiritual paradox when it comes to strength. In order to find our greatest strength, we often have to surrender. Admitting that we don’t have the strength we need to operate at our best in life is one of our greatest moments of strength because we overcome the powerful components of shame, pain, and pride.

Save your pride for the moments that count. Ask for help today.

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