Will I Ever Be Able To Relax If I Have PTSD?

Hyperarousal and hypervigilance are two common symptoms of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. When any system in our mind or body is hyper, it is excited, overstimulated and on edge. Hyper systems are acting more quickly and rashly than necessary, picking up every possible stimulus which occurs. For example, when our sympathetic nervous system is excited, our survival responses kick in. Unless there is a real, direct threat on our life, there is no need for us to be producing stress hormones, experiencing anxiety, or feeling like we are preparing to take potentially life saving action. Living with untreated PTSD can feel that way- like we are constantly on watch for a threat against our lives. We are anticipating it. We are fearing it. We cannot relax with the thought of it.

How we experience our hyper-selves will be different for every individual person. Generally, we feel like we aren’t able to relax, even in the most relaxed of settings. It’s more than being uptight, stressed, or anxious. As survivors of trauma living with a nervous system which is on edge, our tension lives in our thoughts, our muscles, our cells, and our entire visceral being. We wish more than anything that we could just relax, but that is easier said than done when our holistic being is hyper.

If we are brave enough to choose trauma treatment and recover from the trauma in our lives, we will find we start to relax. The more we learn about our trauma and it’s effect on our lives the more mindful we can become in noticing changes happening to our thoughts as well as our minds.

Trauma never goes away. We cannot erase the past or pretend like the past never happened. What we can do through total healing and transformation is make peace with the past in a way which releases its hold on us. Through treatment and therapy we can learn what our body needs to release stress, feel safe, and relax. By staying true to the path of trauma recovery, we will find a greater sense of serenity than we have ever known. Our breathes get deeper, our triggers lessen, and our ability to cope with life grows exponentially.

Trauma is most often the root cause of many emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders. Until you can heal your trauma, you will find great difficulty finding the healing you need to live a life of recovery, health, and wellness. At Khiron House, we provide effective residential treatment and cutting edge therapies which seek to transform mind, body, and spirit from the effects of trauma. Call us today for information. UK: 020 3811 2575 (24 hours) USA: (866) 801 6184 (24 hours).