What Are The Signs Of A High Functioning Personality Disorder?

In our previous Q&A, we discussed the possibility of a high functioning personality disorder and how, even though you are fully functioning in the responsibilities of your life, the underlying trauma which likely contributed to your personality disorder developing, needs to be addressed. Even with the most successful, thriving life, there is still an undercurrent of pain in need of resolution.

These are the signs that you may be living with a high functioning personality disorder.

At times, you feel like you are someone other than yourself.

For people who are living with trauma, this can be a sign of dissociation as well. You feel as though you are not quite yourself, yet, at the same time, you are not entirely sure who your real self truly is. Personality disorders can have multiple facets which can even feel like saying parts of your one personality. Slipping in between personality states is disorienting and confusing. If you find yourself struggling to “stay in one place” or getting frustrated that you don’t feel like the “real you” all the time, you may be living with a personality disorder.

Having any kind of relationship with others is difficult

When you aren’t in sync with every part of your brain. A personality disorder takes a toll emotionally, especially when it is the result of trauma which has already changed the brain. Feeling like you cannot be close to yourself or possibly that you cannot trust yourself, you find that having relationship with others is difficult. You are challenged in having romantic relationships, friendships, co-working relationships, neighborly relationships, and more.

For you, there’s often no middle ground

Black and white thinking is a common dysfunction of many different mental health diagnoses. Trauma can make us feel like life is all or nothing- we’re either living in our trauma or we’re not, we’re either surviving or we’re not. We develop black and white thinking as way to simplify what are otherwise extremely complex life experiences. Problematically, the world is not black and whtie. We are blessed to live on a scope of greyscale, and a full spectrum of color.

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