Turning Hopelessness Into Power

“Hopelessness is often the self-edification that leads to great discovery or advancement,” writes Chris Herd on Medium in his article “How to Overcome Hopelessness and Achieve Great things with your Life”. His words carry considerable weight. Hopelessness is a state of emotional experiencing which causes us to feel heavy yet vacuous like we have nothing to hold onto but are burdened by holding onto everything. We have deep desires, wants, and needs, but we have no conviction they could ever be met. We feel lost. We feel empty. We feel like hope can never be found again. Yet, that exact state is the “self-edification” we need to come upon “great discovery or advancement” The very thing in our mind which feels like its holding us back and weighing us down can be the very intellectual tool we need to move forward with our lives.

At the peak of our hopelessness, we have two very simple choices. We can choose to try, with all our might, to find hope, or we can choose to remain hopeless. As Herd explains in his article, there is a choice of action and a choice of inaction. Hopelessness is turned into power when power is created out of hopelessness. Whereas hopelessness feels like nothing, something has to be created to overcome the feeling of nothing. It is ironic to say the least, but proven millions of times over to be true.

Trauma can inspire hopelessness in our lives. We lose hope that our trauma can change when we realize we can never go back in time and change what happened. We lose hope that our trauma will ever not affect us in a way which makes us feel more hopeless. We lose hope that our outlook on life can change, our position in life will change, or that or suffering will ever cease.

The very second we start to even question the possibility that we can have hope, a spark is born. An idea has been birthed and the awareness of that idea spreads like wildfire through our internal circuitry, then out into the universe as a whole. Hopefulness is possible. From the cosmic energy of that one tiny uttering within ourselves, we start to find the strength to grow that idea into a belief, into hope, and into power to find recovery in our lives.

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