The Healing Power Of Nature

Human is a powerful word. The prefix ‘hum’ means of the earth. To be a human is to be a product of the earth, a man or woman born from the very natural elements which make up the planet upon which they live. We are not inside man or cubicleman or attachedtoscreensman. We are human. Connecting to the nature of our nature as human beings is inherent in the very essence of who we are. It is little wonder or surprise that spending time in nature is deeply healing.

The healing power of nature is so profound that it has inspired volumes of research to support it. Researchers have made consistent conclusions that spending regular time in nature, near nature, and even looking at nature, has a tremendously healing effect. Nature reduces stress, improves body image, enhances self-esteem, eases symptoms of depression and anxiety, among many other things. Spending time camping resets the brain’s natural circadian rhythm and improves sleep quality. Walking through green covered spaces causes greater happiness and ease than urban spaces. Being immersed in water, hearing the sounds of water, and even taking in the vision of the color blue drastically changes the chemical makeup of the body. Returning to the purity of our nature has such great effect that just looking at pictures of nature, or watching a nature documentary, can reduce heart rate as well as stress.

Though some people find spending time in nature unnerving, the body finds nature to be the perfect remedy to easing the hyperactivity of the nervous system. Living in a modern, urban world excites our bodies and our minds. Cars, people, signs, sounds, lights, and movement are sending relentless signals and input into our minds and bodies which activate our nervous system. Living with trauma which has not yet been healed, our nervous system reacts in survival mode. Everyday stimuli keep us on edge in a cycle of our fight or flight survival response. As a result, our sympathetic nervous system is constantly activated, sending stress hormones throughout our bodies, thus keeping us in a state of stress.

Nature lets us take a few deep breaths and relax because nature is free from hyperactive stimuli. Rather than react we can take time to simply be and marvel at the natural wonders of the world.

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