Permission Granted: Removing Trauma From Your Life

It is said that the disease of alcoholism is progressive. Alcoholism is one of the many ways untreated trauma can manifest in our lives. Trauma itself, as well as in all of its forms, is also progressive. Without intervention and treatment, without developing a manner of living in trauma recovery, we allow the effects of trauma to progress in the control they have over our lives.

It is also said that recovery is progressive. Recovery is the way we live our lives to fight the progression of trauma effects and the effects of all of trauma’s manifestations. Living in recovery means living in a way that progresses our healing, progresses our trauma resolution efforts, and progresses our freedom from the imprisonment which trauma can create. If we care to progress our recovery, we have to live in such a way which disallows the effects of our trauma to progress. Sometimes that can mean removing trauma from our lives.

Of course, we cannot erase our memories, delete trauma from our muscles, or pretend like nothing ever happened and that said “nothing” has no effect on us, even though it never happened. Trauma is a part of our lives. Through recovery, trauma becomes part of the past so we can live in the present, instead of being a living past preventing us from being present. Unfortunately, there will be people in our lives who keep our trauma alive, continue acting in traumatizing ways, and challenge the sanctity of the safety we work hard to create in our trauma recovery. Removing trauma from our lives can mean more than living differently- it can mean living without certain people in our lives at all. If you have someone in your life who actively triggers your trauma, abuses you, or acts in traumatizing ways— permission granted. You don’t have to live that way.

Trauma recovery is about empowerment which benefits the greater good of your life and the lives of others. Having relationships which cause undue yet ongoing emotional distress doesn’t have to be part of your trauma recovery, especially if these relationships were part of your trauma. You have suffered long enough and are doing incredible work to end your suffering as much as possible. You have permission to live your life in a safe way which brings you peace and serenity. Together with your trauma therapist, you can eliminate relationships from your life which do not contribute to your recovery.

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