Knowing When To Stop Is Just As Important As Never Giving Up

Inspiration on never giving up, never quitting, going the extra mile, getting out of our comfort zone, reaching peak performance, maximizing our abilities and pushing, pushing, pushing. According to the new age philosophy of being an achiever, a go-getter, or otherwise “successful” there’s hardly time for rest outside of sleeping and you should never, ever give up on reaching your goals.

There is something to be said about this invigorating life philosophy. Giving up is easy to do. Quitting is easy to do. Coming up with excuses, rationalizations, and justifications, are all easy to do when it comes to giving up on our dreams, goals, aspirations, or even our daily responsibilities. When we are living with trauma, it can sometimes feel as though giving up is our only option. Trauma impacts our minds, bodies, and spirits in many different ways. Overall, trauma affects our sympathetic nervous system and the way our fight or flight response reacts to various stressors in our lives. One of the more common symptoms of trauma is hyperarousal, or the constant feeling of being on alert and on the edge. Having a constant surge of stress hormones becomes eventually exhausting, leaving those who are living with the effects of trauma extremely tired. Attempting to fulfill the requirements of anything other than sheer survival becomes a very tall order.

Being a go-getter is certainly one way to approach life. However, as mental health becomes more of a popular topic of conversation, it is becoming apparent that being a go-getter has to include being a stopper. For physical, mental, and spiritual health, we have to know when to stop, rest, and take care of ourselves. From high earning C-Suite executives to students, people are realizing that the human energy source is not inextinguishable. On the path to never giving up, knowing when to stop is a necessary skill.

Making the decision to enter treatment for trauma recovery frequently comes in the momentum of finally realizing it’s time to stop. You deserve the time to stop, rest, and heal, before continuing on your journey to achieving your dreams.

Trauma is most often the root cause of many emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders. Until you can heal your trauma, you will find great difficulty finding the healing you need to live a life of recovery, health, and wellness. At Khiron House, we provide effective residential treatment and cutting edge therapies which seek to transform mind, body, and spirit from the effects of trauma. Call us today for information. UK: 020 3811 2575 (24 hours) USA: (866) 801 6184 (24 hours).