Khiron House outcomes presentation for 2013

by Benjamin Fry

Benjamin Fry

It was really heart-warming to be able to welcome to our annual outcomes presentation this morning several ex-patients of Khiron House. Three of them had started treatment with us in the residential clinic and another out-patient. I was amazed to see how easily they took to talking to a room full of people they didn’t know, and so early in the day too! These were well functioning nervous systems.

They told a uniform story of recovery, of lives not only put back on track, but also sent into new and healthier directions. When I set up Khiron House it was my goal that we could replicate for our clients my own experience in treatment. In their verbal testimonies I heard that this has been achieved. The word that comes back to us time and time again is ‘transformational’. I truly believe that this is the right adjective for our programme.

Our clinical director, Dr Charles Hallings-Pott, also presented to a select group of London clinicians our outcomes report for 2013. This was independently prepared for us by CORE and covered the period from October 2012 to the end of 2013. The results were very encouraging.

The severity of our clients conditions, as measured by the CORE psychometric tests, was in the top quarter of clinical cases on average. We achieved reliable improvement in two thirds of these clients and none of the other deteriorated. We included all clients who had completed treatment in that time and who had filled in a least two CORE forms. For the full story please download the report.

Overall our goal remains to make this treatment more effective and more reliable. To that end we have already implemented and improved aspects of our delivery since the period covered by this report. I’m excited to see the outcomes next year since we have clearly been able to provide very effective treatment to date and yet we are always working to be better.

All of this happens only for one reason: because our clients are brave enough to commit themselves to our treatment programme. Our success is only because of their successes. We hope to see more of them every year for many years to come.

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