HOPE: Hold On Pain Ends

We see a wounded warrior on their last ounce of strength, tired of fighting, tired of persevering, and desperately seeking relief. This warrior is not a veteran of physical combat in a war zone, so to speak. Battles have been fought. Injuries have been sustained. Great losses have taken place. This brave and courageous individual is not a soldier of the military fighting a war of violence or territory. Having survived the wars of life, the many fights it takes to survive, this is a warrior of trauma. For years they have pushed and pushed to find a reprieve, a solution, an answer to their pain. At times, they have lost faith, lost sight, and lost hope that one day the pain of surviving trauma, the pain of having lived through trauma, will end. Most often, it is in that moment when the warrior is consumed by darkness save a last flicker of light that real hope is found. Just a mustard seed of faith is all it takes to realize what hope really stands for: Hold On, Pain Ends.

If the wounded warrior can believe, for one second more, that there is a way to heal, the healing has already begun. Trauma treatment and recovery from trauma is no easy journey. In order to move forward from the painful effects caused by the traumatic effects in our lives, we have to walk straight through them, feel them, release them, thank them, and embrace them. Walking the path of trauma recovery requires even more of the resiliency, strength, and bravery we’ve demonstrated in our lives thus far. We have to give a little more, which is the last thing we want to do because survival is nothing less than exhausting. With every bit more that we give to working through trauma, we feel and see the effects tenfold. Despite our exhaustion, despite our doubts, we continue to hold on. We continue to hold on because we refuse to give up the belief of hope that if we hold on the pain will come to an end.

There is a truth of compromise with which every warrior of trauma survival adopts. Traumatic experiences never go away. History cannot be erased or fully forgotten even with the best of efforts. On some days, the pain will be great. Throughout our lives, trauma will ask us to mourn again, continue grieving, and release on an entirely new level. What trauma recovery will bring us is peace, healing, and transformation. Even on the worst of days, we’ll make it through. The pain will not run our lives as it has. Living in harmony with our mind and our body, our past and our present, we will realize the pain really has ended. Life in trauma recovery is a happier, healthier place.

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