Can Acupuncture Help Alleviate Depression & Anxiety Among People Recovering From Addiction?

According to the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (as stated by, approximately $14.7 billion was spend out-of-pocket by Americans on holistic practices such as acupuncture, chiropractic services, yoga, and massage therapy. Acupuncture is an ancient practice that developed in China over 2,500 years ago. Many people all around the world utilize this form of holistic treatment because it has been shown to help treat conditions such as back and neck pain, nausea, migraines and headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, and more. If you are currently experiencing depression and anxiety, acupuncture could potentially be an excellent match for you.

Many people are concerned about the pain level associated with acupuncture; however, the process itself is very painless, and a little uncomfortable at most. With this form of treatment, an acupuncturist will place very thin needles along your body’s energy points and Qi (an energy force) is then able to flow through your body’s meridian points (pathways). Acupuncture has been said to balance out a person’s energy center, allowing you to become ultimately healthier and happier. A 2017 study published in The Journal of Pain sought to explore acupuncture’s effects on chronic pain, and found that after analyzing data involving 20,827 patients, acupuncture’s effects seemed to be long-lasting, with minimal decreases even at the 1-year mark.

Depression and anxiety can certainly take a toll on one’s mind, body, and spirit; Dr. Hsu, a practitioner in New York City, told Healthline, “We’re constantly under stress and pressure to perform, which can bring on disease and other serious health issues. Acupuncture is great for maintenance. It helps a long life become a better-quality life.”

As a form of relaxation, release, and healing, acupuncture can serve as a beautiful addition to your treatment program. If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center about holistic practices such as acupuncture. In doing this, you may find that acupuncture helps relieve many pressing concerns that were blocking your ability to enjoy life at its fullest – giving you the freedom to move forward with your recovery to ultimate well-being.

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