7 Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Busy Routine

Between work, errands, family life, social relationships and more, it’s hard to focus on our mind, body, and spirit. Our personal journey to health often gets pushed aside as we try to conquer life, each day at a time – the more we dive into our responsibilities, the further this concept gets pushed to the back of our minds. Wellness is the foundation to happiness and wellbeing, yet it’s most likely to get looked over because there are simply so many other things that are convincing enough to “take” its place. Even amidst your daily responsibilities, real happiness cannot be achieved without some sort of wellness. This requires deliberate decisions that guide your daily life; if you have a lot on your plate right now, you may be wondering how this is even possible. Truthfully, incorporating wellness into your busy routine is much easier than you may think:

  1.     Begin your days with the right mindset. Our days start with waking up in the morning, so it’s important that you start your days off right. Choose to be grateful for another day, another chance to build connections and grow as a person.
  2.     Take small moments for yourself each and every day. Even if it’s a 5-minute break that involves you running to the restroom, find a space to be alone and breathe. If you can, incorporate small moments where you’re able to sit on a bench and just watch the life around you, or something else that brings you joy.
  3.     Practice being in the moment and being grateful for your human experiences. Mindfulness is a practice that has been used for centuries to help connect people with the present moment. You can do this by honing in on your senses and recognizing the many elements that are creating your present moment.
  4.     Nourish your mind and body with healthy food and exercise. Our bodies work best when we feed it with proper nutrients, so be sure to do this with fruits, vegetables, and more – even if it’s pre-made.
  5.     Practice time management. – By planning your schedule, you can pencil in more “me” time, along with other activities that make your heart sing.
  6.     Engage in self-care activities to boost your self love and confidence. Reading a good book, taking the day off, going on vacation, starting an art project and more can all boost your happiness levels and add more richness to your life.
  7.     Practice good sleep hygiene. Each night, practice breathing exercises, and go to bed at a decent time. Keep electronics out of your bed, and perhaps read a book before you go to sleep.

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