2014 Outcome Report

by Dr Rex Haigh, Medical Director

Rex HaighToday we published our 2014 Outcome Report. You can download the report along with the reports for years 2013 and 2012 here: Khiron House Outcome Reports 2014-2012.

These reports have been prepared from the clinic’s data by CORE who are one of the leading authorities on outcome testing and reporting. This year is the third annual report published by Khiron House, an historical initiative which I warmly welcome as their newly appointed Medical Director.

The service has been building their evidence base by collecting, analysing and reporting their outcomes, using standardised measures and tools which most clinicians in the field use, or are familiar with, and then asking CORE to independently verify them on an annual basis.

These reports have demonstrated that Khiron House’s results are very good, and have improved year on year. I hope to help Khiron House to develop this into a small research programme in the future.

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